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Thread: Free Diving Safety Seminar - Myths & Misconceptions

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    Post Free Diving Safety Seminar - Myths & Misconceptions

    Hey Divers,

    As we all know, Diving practice is changing all the time based on new insights from research and accident analysis. But is your knowledge current? To test your knowledge, how manyof the following questions can you answer definitively. Don't wait for an accident to happen, YOU may be the one person able to prevent it from happening.

    What does science currently know about “bends” and why it happens?

    Why do recreational divers get more serious forms of bends than military and commercial divers?

    Are there really any differences between decompression models?

    Are deep safety stops a good idea?

    What exactly is “decompression stress”?

    Is bubble formation the only concern in decompression illness?

    Can I get the bends even if I don’t violate my dive computer or tables?

    When bends occurs, should recompression always be the first priority?

    Are there any special safety concerns for older divers?

    What’s different about diving accidents today versus a few years ago?

    What’s the best way to reduce your risk of decompression illness?

    If you hesitated or doubted any of those questions, Come and learn the answers to these questions and a whole lot more at the DAN “Diving Safety Myths & Misconceptions” seminar we are hosting on March 11th, 2009 at the Mighty Mushroom, 2400 Dairy Rd West Melbourne, FL. The seminar begins at 6:30pm and has limited seating, so please contact us at the store and put your name on the list. First reserved first seated. This seminar is free, to all divers ir-regardless of certification level, non-divers and anyone just interested in facts. The only caveat is that the Mighty Mushroom in exchange for donating the space for the seminar requests we order food and drinks. Not bad since you were going to eat dinner anyway on March 11th.

    Attached is flyer for you to print out and stick on your favorite remind-me place. Feel free to pass this flyer around as it is opened to everyone.

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