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Thread: Mako Announces More Yamamoto Suits

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    Default Mako Announces More Yamamoto Suits

    Dear Spearos,

    Because we have had so much success with our MAKO Yamamoto 2 piece Green Camo wetsuits, we are now expanding our line of MAKO suits, all made with the same high quality Yamamoto neoprene material.

    Yamamoto does cost us quite a bit more than lesser quality neoprene. However, by keeping our operating cost way down, we can offer these outstanding suits at amazing prices.

    Yamamoto neoprene is undoubtedly the best neoprene in the world. These suits are significantly warmer than non Yamamoto suits. And, because they offer a lot more stretch, they are way more comfortable and durable.


    MAKO / Yamamoto / 2 Piece / 3mm / Blue Camo / Open Cell / High Waist

    This suit is just like our highly popular green camo suit, but designed for warmer waters, with a high waist instead of farmer john pants. Includes chest loading pad, knee pads and convenient knife holder on thigh for added safety. This is an awesome suit at an amazing price.

    MAKO / Yamamoto / 1 Piece / 2mm / Reversible Blue Camo – Green Camo

    This is the ultimate warm water suit. The Yamamoto material offers the utmost comfort and durability and the reversible camo design makes this suit perfect for reef and blue water hunting. Includes chest loading pad and knee pads. And, we included a knife pocket on the thigh (on each side of the suit). This too is an awesome suit at an amazing price.

    MAKO / Yamamoto / 1 pc / 2 mm / Reversible Blue Camo – Green Camo / Hood
    Since we are offering an awesome 1 piece reversible camo suit, it makes sense to offer an optional hood that is also reversible (blue camo one side and green camo the other). And….it’s also made from the same high quality Yamamoto material. Available in S, M and Large.
    Photo coming soon.

    MAKO / Yamamoto / 3mm / 5 Panel / Freedive Socks

    That’s right. We are even making our Freedive Socks out of Yamamoto material.

    Available now!
    Not only are these socks made with the best, warmest and most durable neoprene available, they are made using the 5 panel design instead of the 3 panel design. That means a more custom fitting freedive sock that does not have all that water sloshing around.

    Teaming up with Yamamoto has been a very rewarding experience for us on many levels. And we are very fortunate to have a relationship with such a great company that produces such a wonderful product. And, because we keep our operating costs way down, we can offer these amazing suits at amazing prices.

    Ask any of your buddies who dive with a Mako Yamamoto suit. They will tell you…These suits are awesome!

    One more thing, guys….

    If you have not noticed all of our MAKO Yamamoto suits include the knife pocket built into the thigh. This is an added feature that does cost us a bit more. But, this is a “safety” feature as much as it is a “convenience” feature. Having an exposed knife on your arm or leg means increased exposure to danger….Reel lines, floatlines, nets, etc. all pose as risks for entanglement. Our MAKO Yamamoto suits include knife holders (pockets on the thigh) that totally eliminate the threat of entanglement involving your kill knife.

    Knife Pocket w/ MAKO Kona Kill Knife

    Thanks guys for taking time to read this…

    Dive safe,
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