Hey Guys,

I am very excited to announce the release of our new MAKO (2 mm), One Piece suits with Reversible Camo!

And here’s the best part….

I used the same, 100% Genuine Yamamoto Neoprene material that I use on my two piece suits!!

Yamamoto Neoprene is regarded by many top level freedivers and spearfishermen to be the highest quality neoprene material available.
Since teaming up with Yamamoto of Japan over 2 years ago, we have become very well known for our high quality wetsuits and I have Yamamoto to thank for that. So, again, “Thank You Yamamoto for another awesome product!!”

This is the ultimate warm water wetsuit. The Yamamoto wetsuit material offers the utmost comfort and durability while the reversible camo design makes this suit perfect for reef *AND* blue water hunting.

Our warm water reversible camo wetsuit also includes chest loading pad and knee pads.

I have also included a knife pocket on the thigh (on each side of the suit). Storing your knife in the Integrated Knife Pocket, eliminates the possibility of your knife getting tangled on a rouge fishing line, floatline or kelp.

This is an awesome spearfishing wetsuit at an amazing price.

OPTIONAL: Reversible Camo Wetsuit Hood

Since we are offering an awesome 1 piece reversible camo wetsuit, it makes sense to offer an optional hood that is also reversible (blue camo one side and green camo the other).

Great for colder days, this 2mm ergonomic fitting wetsuit hood comfortably conforms to your head and securely tucks inside your suit.

Available in S, M and Large, XL.

Camo Spearfishing Wetsuit 1-piece Yamamoto 2mm | MAKO Spearguns