Perfect Fit Guarantee

Hey Spearo, Did you know I offer a “Perfect Fit Guarantee” on my Minimus Freedive Mask? Bottom line:
If this mask is not the best fitting mask you have ever tried on, I will give you a full refund and I will pay for the shipping to send it back.

I’m just your typical spearfisherman, and with this mask, I did 147 feet on my first attempt at a new PB

This is because of the amazingly low volume of air that this mask holds. The lenses are very close to your eyes so
not only do you have very little volume to equalize at depth, your field of view is very wide which is great for spearfishing too.

The ultra low volume also makes the mask extremely easy to clear and along with the excellent field of view,
has made this mask very popular with scuba divers.

Most divers know, I use the exact same factories as the expensive brands, so I can guarantee the highest quality gear.
In some cases, those expensive brands actually sell the same products as I do. But, because I sell direct to you,
instead of through dive shops, my prices are much less.

Same Factories – Same High Quality – No Dive Shop Markup

This awesome mask is another example of this.
This exact same high quality mask is sold in dive shops under a different name, for more than $65.00.

But, because I sell direct to you, this high quality mask is only $37.95. Check it out here.
Minimus "Mini" Freedive Mask | MAKO Spearguns

Thanks for taking time to read this guys.
Dive Safe,