Hey Spearos, I’m really excited to tell you about my new, lightening fast and super strong MAKO CARBON ELITE Traveler Pole Spears.
I will begin shipping these pole spears on Monday, July 24.

I have been working on them for quite a while now and I have to tell you, these are the best Carbon Fiber Pole Spear Packages available.

I used only the highest quality components available to make them.

And, because I sell direct to you, the diver, instead of through dive shops, they are priced much lower than you would expect for
such a high performance carbon fiber pole spear.

Built for travel, they break down to only 41 inches long (longest piece) so they fit in just about any freedive bag.

Available in the following 3 packages:
• (4 pole spears in 1) It’s a 10 ft, 8 ft, 6 ft, and 4 footer
• (2 pole spears in 1) It’s an 8 ft and 4 footer
• (2 pole spears in 1) It’s a 6 ft and 4 footer

Compatible with all MAKO injector rods, slip tips and screw on tips.

And, don’t forget to check out my “POLE SPEAR RESTING HOOK (no tools required)”. It’s easy on and easy off design
makes it a favorite among pole spear hunters and the rounded profile makes it the most comfortable resting hook available.
You don’t even know it is there!

Learn more about the CARBON ELITE Traveler Pole Spears here:

10 footer: Carbon Elite Traveler Pole Spear 10 Footer | MAKO Spearguns

8 footer: Carbon Elite Traveler Pole Spear 8 Footer | MAKO Spearguns

6 footer: http://www.makospearguns.com/Carbon-...er-p/mce06.htm

Thanks guys for taking time to read this. As you can tell, I get pretty stoked about this stuff.

Dive safe,