MAKO Buzz Bomb Fish Flashers

Hey Spearo, Check out my “Do It Yourself” version of the Buzz Bomb Fish Flasher kits for only $6.95 each - or get a 3-pack for $19.95.

I first saw these flashers in use, while diving with my good buddy, Patrick, who is the head spearfishing guide
with Baja Adventure Company in La Paz, Mexico.

Patrick and the other guides with swear by these Buzz Bomb Flashers for hunting big pelagics, such as
wahoo, mahi and tuna as well as just about any reef fish!

They are so lifelike in the water, the fish come right in!

The MAKO Buzz Bomb Fish Flashers are easy to make and the kit comes with everything you need.


And check out the price…Only $6.95 each.

I have seen similar items sell for $95.00 plus shipping. I know…that’s crazy when you consider it takes less than a few minutes to make one.

Thanks guys for taking the time to read this.

Dive safe,