Hey Guys,

We are kicking it with the release of my new Carbon Elite Traveler Pole Spears! So, I want to say thanks, guys, for your support!

I also want to show you my new mesh pole spear carry bag.

This is not just a typical mesh bag for your pole spear.
It is a full function storage facility for your pole spear and your pole spear tips.

It has 2 separate compartments:

• Main pocket for pole spears and bands

• Accessory pocket for pole spear tips

One size fit’s all! That’s right, the fastened Velcro strap makes this bag a “one size fit’s all”. Fits traveler pole spear sections from 22” up to 44” long.

NOTE: This mesh bag is made of the same ballistic material the MAKO Ballistic mesh bags are made of. These are the toughest mesh bags on the market. You can expect the highest quality when buying direct from MAKO.

Price: $12.95 Available direct from MAKO (No dive shop markup)


Oh yeah..One more thing..

Please also check out my MAKO Pole Spear Resting Hook (NO TOOLS REQUIRED). This little device will put more fish in your cooler than ever before. It makes you more stealth like, because you can keep your pole spear loaded until you are ready to fire. No more spooked fish!
I designed it so that does NOT require any tools for installation or removal. And it is the most comfortable resting hook on the market. Only $12.95.

Pole Spear Resting Hook | MAKO Spearguns

Thanks Guys for taking time to read this.

Dive safe,