Caution When Buying Speargun Bands

Hey Guys,
As you know, all those expensive foreign brands use the exact same factories as I do.

But, because I sell direct to divers, instead of through dive shops, my prices are often much lower.

And, when it comes to Speargun Bands, a few of us use Primeline Industries to produce our latex tubing. Most people know that Primeline latex tubing is the absolute highest quality latex tubing in the world for speargun bands.

Although I only sell direct to divers, (no distributors and no dive shops), there were reports of persons selling lower quality European or Chinese latex tubing and they were calling it MAKO Latex tubing. There were reports of this happening to one of my well respected competitors as well.

Working directly with Primeline Industries, we now have our name watermarked discretely, with disappearing ink on our tubing, so you know you are getting the highest quality, 100% genuine Primeline latex tubing and it prevents certain individuals from selling cheap European or Chinese speargun bands and calling them MAKO speargun bands or any other legitimate authorized reseller of Primeline latex.


The MAKO Spearguns disappearing ink watermark is your confirmation you have received authentic MAKO Spearguns latex tubing. Please note the watermark will fade or can be rubbed off.

Thanks guys for taking time to read this. And as always, a big thanks to our customers. I really appreciate your support.

Dive safe,