Hey Guys, Here are my June Bro Deals!

And, don’t let these low prices fool you!

  • I use the exact same factories as the expensive brands.
  • And, most of those brands sell exact copies of my MAKO products with their name on it.
    This is common in the dive industry. I do it too.
  • But some use lower quality materials to be competitive.
  • And, their prices are much higher than MAKO because they sell through dive shops.
  • MAKO sells direct to divers for less. (No dive shop mark-up)

In case you are wondering how I can do this. I made this little graphic.


This month, you can save 20% on my reversible suits & hoods in the Bro Deal including:

  • Yamamoto Blue/Green Camo Reversible 1-Piece 2mm Wetsuit
  • 2mm Blue/Green Camo Reversible Hood

Yamamoto Blue/Green Camo Reversible 1-Piece 2mm Wetsuit


This is the ultimate warm water wetsuit.
The Yamamoto wetsuit material offers the utmost comfort and durability
while the reversible camo design makes this suit perfect for reef *AND* blue water hunting.

Our warm water reversible camo wetsuit also includes chest loading pads on both sides and knee pads on the reef camo side.

This is an awesome spearfishing wetsuit at an amazing 20% off the regular price.

2mm Blue/Green Camo Reversible Hood


Complementing our awesome 1 piece, 2mm, reversible camo suit, we also offer an optional reversible hood
(blue camo one side and green camo the other).

Great for colder days, this 2mm ergonomic fitting hood comfortably conforms
to your head and securely tucks inside your suit.

Save 20% this month only!

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