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  1. Nazdrowie to Barry and the Boys, cape cod bay report
  2. Cape Cod
  3. anybody out there hunting jersey?
  4. How's Virginia?
  5. ogunquit spearing / lobstering??
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  8. Diving in Dirty Jerzey
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  10. Upper Chesapeake Bay
  11. Twin Vee
  12. Delaware Spearfishing
  13. Free boat listed on CL in central NJ
  14. looking for a club in the rhode island area
  15. Boston Area
  16. Does anyone go spearfishing @ the manasquan inlet?:whistle:
  17. could use a little help from Costa Rica
  18. Looking for Connecticut shoreline Spero buddy
  19. Diving LBI friday
  20. Flounder
  21. Late report from last wednesday
  22. report, Stone harbor/avalon/SIC/OC
  23. Nailed a nice tog today
  24. Late report
  25. Barnegat inlet dive report 9/21
  26. Wrapping the dive season up for now
  27. Maine Spearing
  28. Forgot a rod n reel striper report!! November 8th
  29. What type of pole spear for low vis?
  30. Spearfishing from the shore in New England? and other questions
  31. A little peace of mind-RI
  32. Diving tomorrow!
  33. NJ slaughterfest from saturday
  34. Put another beating on the fish again today.
  35. Spearing LBI
  36. Looking to go shootin july 19th near CT
  37. NC Hogfish under attack ... Call NC .. DMF RIGHT NOW ........ this is a 911
  38. confused where to start
  39. what model go pro do i want
  40. Dive watchs
  41. breathe holding exercises?
  42. Returning to VA Beach soon, looking for spearos/info
  44. Shooting Sheepies in NJ
  45. Bass Vid
  46. Looking for for Freediving Spearfishing Buddys for OC, MD and Ches Bridge Tunnel Area
  47. Some videos
  48. MK V Full rig dive video
  49. Moved to NY
  50. nj stingray and trigger fish video
  51. nj blackfish with triggerfish kill
  52. rudee inlet jetties
  53. RI Newbie looking for dive buddy
  54. New!
  55. Spearfishing in Ireland
  56. Charters/Tag along out of Long Island/Montauk area?
  57. New Dive Video
  58. Diving Jersey in June
  59. PT/Seasonal job opening in NJ for diver
  60. moving to the east coast
  61. Upstate New York
  62. Stone Shot Facebook Page
  63. Striped Bass Spearfishing Equipment.
  64. Any spearos in the Washington, DC area?