View Full Version : FL: Southern Open State Spearfishing and UW Photography Championship, June 14-16, 2013

  1. Rules, regs, info??
  2. 50th Anniversary "Southern Open" FL State Championships
  3. 2013 State UW Photo and Video Championship:Rules and Registration
  4. State Photo and Video Championship starts tommorrow
  5. Statewide Captain's meetings locations and procedures
  6. 50th Anniversary Southern Open Sponsor Thread
  7. Honoring legends of Florida Diving and the FSDA
  8. Southern Open Kick-off Party June 7th, 7:30pm
  9. June 7th - Deadline for Photo & Video Entries
  10. Special thanks to Tampa Tribune
  11. Who needs shooters-who needs a ride?
  12. Southern Open Raffle
  13. Team Fishues does the Southern Open
  14. Southern Open Results
  15. All Hail Ritchie Zacker!!
  16. Some Southern Open pics