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  1. Democrats Suck!
  2. McCain - Is It Just Me or
  3. King George Strikes Again
  4. 2008 Republican Convention
  5. Unintended Consequences
  6. Spicoli has lost his mind
  7. Vote Democrat - and we'll be a socialist nation
  8. The Romney family sacrifice
  9. Firearms refresher
  10. Return to a draft?
  11. Spying on Americans
  12. The United States Broke the law first
  13. WTF did she say?
  14. Iran wants to fill vacuum...
  15. School Segregation and the effects it will have on this country
  16. Katrina Anniversary
  17. Republicans and a national tax
  18. Fred's on the Loose!!
  19. Ron Paul won the debate
  20. OPEC, APEC, Austria, Australia..
  21. Somewhat confused... NAFTA SuperHiway ?
  22. Oh this'll teach 'em
  23. Study shows brains are wired as liberal or conservative
  24. Glenn Beck CNN Headlines News
  25. Clinton Lied
  26. Abe has honor
  27. Contemporary Economics Applied to Social Policies
  28. The prescient H. L. Mencken
  29. Greenspan on Bush and Cliinton
  30. Canada's great health care
  31. Hi-Larry-care 07
  32. Presidential Candidate Calculator
  33. Irans Ahmadinejad & Ground Zero
  34. Two Arrested in Louisiana for displaying noose
  35. US dollar = Canadian dollar
  36. HPV Vaccine Deaths & Complications
  37. Ahmadinejad thrown under the bus @ Columbia
  38. Big Brother
  39. I donated to Ron Paul's campaign
  40. The Dems too have lost their way
  41. Voting on principles
  42. Does God still Call Prophets today?
  43. Who is in this paragraph
  44. Spying on americans
  45. Hillary Care
  46. Gore wins Peace Prize
  47. Ron Paul Video
  48. Dire warning on economy
  49. The Ron Paul Revolution
  50. Press in Iraq??
  51. I hate it when this happens
  52. Is the technology makes easier to export hi-tech jobs?
  53. Rendition
  54. Fixing Healthcare
  55. Voting Democrat?
  56. Qualifications for President
  57. Maybe its time for a constitutional amendment?
  58. Bush biggest spender *ever*
  59. Greedy Republicans and Charity
  60. Clinton
  61. FEMA In Action
  62. Justice
  63. This man has my vote for President...
  64. Ron Paul is Money
  65. Interesting article on what the green crowd is up to.
  66. Mormons getting owned
  67. The weak dollar and credit crunch myth
  68. Politics makes strange bedfellows
  69. Recieved orders to Iraq!!!
  70. Mitt Romney's inaugural
  71. Maplight.org Political donation tracking website
  72. Our Endless Meddling
  73. If Democrats win in '08
  74. Mother of all nightmares
  75. End of the Rope
  76. Another nightmare.
  77. Guess these guys don't support the troops
  78. Interesting Read
  79. Supreme Court will hear 2d Amendment case
  80. Dr. William Hogarth Head of NMFS retires,
  81. That settles it, I know who gets my vote!!!
  82. Penny in my pocket
  83. Things that make you go hmmmm....
  84. Morality v.s. Money
  85. Murderer or hero?
  86. Interesting
  87. Words to live by
  88. Supporting the troops
  89. Illegal Alien Deported
  90. Comedian on Genesis
  91. As political as I get.
  92. Is it too late to cancel the invasion?
  93. Not to fan the flames.
  94. Would the President new plan will save housing market
  95. 2 shot in Pasadena here illegally
  96. Damn Illegals
  97. The Greenies
  98. CIA lies....
  99. abuse of social serv.
  100. Mitt Romney doesn't care about me
  101. The Fat Lady Sings?
  102. One Muslim Father's Priorities
  103. Merry Christmas Billy Mac
  104. merry christmas to all my friends
  105. Obama's Positions
  106. South Park: Terrorists attack America's Imagination...
  107. Ron Paul's positions
  108. Tea Party
  109. New Jersey repeals death penalty
  110. Uphold the constitution?
  111. Hillary cartoon
  112. Lakota indians declares independance
  113. In The Time Of The Christmas Holidays
  114. Useless Nonsense...
  115. Ron Paul, Can He Pull It Off?
  116. Illegal Alien Kills Motorcyclist
  117. A very bad day...
  118. This is why I support the death Penalty
  119. Ron Paul excluded from debate?
  120. A good listen
  121. Dr Adams Has A Better Gun Budget Than I Do
  122. Death Penalty and the Bible
  123. PC Rifle
  124. You might as well throw darts at the list of candidates
  125. Heres one for Bill Mac
  126. Huckabee wins Iowa
  127. Marcus, stay away from my goats
  128. Excellent Ron Paul interview w/ Bill Moyers!
  129. Year in review
  130. The New Voice of the Republican Party!!!!!
  131. Show me your papers!!!
  132. Hallelujah!
  133. Huckabee on Colbert
  134. I'm being repressed
  135. Bgbill's Global Warming Thread
  136. What if they left?
  137. Why Edwards should not get your vote
  138. Ron Paul is the only republican
  139. Faux News Focus Groups
  140. ?
  141. The Clinton Body Count
  142. Libertarians, loony but cute
  143. Campaign Promises
  144. mythbusters test on plants
  145. Bush Administration backs gun regulation
  146. Marine Accused of Murdering another Marine
  147. Another Clinton Body
  148. Clintons Friends
  149. Ron Paul on the economy
  150. Flashback to January 17, 1998
  151. Deportation of illegal immigrant convicts rather than keeping them in jail
  152. Time to brush off that SPL and ship 'cuda to Europe
  153. For Bret and Bill M. some back up
  154. Ron Paul in South Carolina Republican debate
  155. Clearwater has political bias?
  156. Brett and Bill Mc Need To Go Spearfishing (Together)
  157. The reality of the debates
  158. Economy on brink of collapse
  159. Bin Laden...peacemaker or...SPY!
  160. New Hillary Shirt
  161. Does he deserve the death penalty?
  162. F@@@-up Health care system
  163. Ron Paul emailed me
  164. Fox News Sucks (Worse Than The Others)
  166. Guns in schools?
  167. Circle Flies
  168. Only in California
  169. Sad but true
  170. NY Times endorse Clinton and MC Cain
  171. Boondoggle on the Bayou
  172. Bill & Hillary Clinton
  173. Free speech zone??
  174. John McCain on economics.
  175. Why use gold for money?
  176. Republican Poll
  177. This guy is whacked
  178. The Case Against "The Stimulus Package"
  179. Kennedy endorses Obama
  180. Amendment 1
  181. Suing for child support at 30?
  182. congratulation to Bg Bill
  183. So what type of leader do we need?
  184. Do you remember Red Skelton
  185. Dr. Paul on CNN debate
  186. Here's a sign
  187. A rising tide lifts all boats
  188. Here's where Obama really stands
  189. This should make Bret a Democrat
  190. This should make Billy Mac a Paulite
  191. Maybe Mexico instead of Europe or Asia next summer
  192. Become a delegate for Ron Paul
  193. Yes we can
  194. Ron Paul interview - very informative
  195. Letters of Marque for Al-Qaida
  196. Ron Paul on 2nd Amendment
  197. California Hates the USMC
  198. Deficient Kevlar Helmets = $74M Contract?
  199. Cheneycare - If he were anyone else he'd probably be dead by now
  200. Any names seem familiar?
  201. Does this make sense?
  202. Romney is out
  203. Our Next President?
  204. Poor Bill
  205. Ron Paul is insane
  206. where we draw the line?
  207. Ron Paul wants to go the distance
  208. Conservative distaste for McCain
  209. Et tu, Brute?
  210. Killing in the name of God!
  211. A Valentine from a Dick
  212. The Bush Library
  213. Evolution is factual science.
  214. Catching wild pigs
  215. When Your Children make you Proud
  216. A Politician Goes to Heaven?
  217. Calvary Chapel Church Dive Club
  218. My Attack on Modern especially American Christianity
  219. 68 Senators violated their oaths of office
  220. Ant and Grasshopper
  221. Hotties for Ron Paul
  222. The Proper Way To Make A "Surge" Work
  223. How the government steals your money
  224. is Mc Cain in trouble?
  225. Loaded guns will be OK in national parks
  226. A new surge
  227. Big Brother is alive and well...getting uglier
  228. Love him or hate him...
  229. Al Gore has beaten Global Warming!!!!!
  230. Turkey and Islam
  231. Exxon suxx, McCain duxx
  232. 1 in 100 US adults is behind bars
  233. The Ivory Tower Leans Left, But Why?
  234. Jewish Year Abroad
  235. Sub Prime Finance Lesson
  236. Labor needs to regain some clout
  237. Hillary
  238. Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps endorses Obama
  239. Should McCain's son deploy to Iraq?
  240. The Politboro says only the annointed may spread the message
  241. Obama, Hillary in Civil War
  242. Great, just what we need: Another political pundit.
  243. Satan exists, and I saw him on TV
  244. Could Obama be elected as a president?
  245. A promising Democrat bites the dust
  246. This message is being monitored.
  247. ¿Cómo se dice My house is on Fire?
  248. Democratic self-loathing
  249. The Endgame
  250. farewell mr president