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  1. NOTICE!!! Your Heart and Diving...Scarey
  2. Inflatable floats
  3. Decompression Sickness - Getting Bent, My first hand experience with the bends
  4. o2 question?
  5. Open Water SCUBA Assent Poll
  6. Search and Recovery (SAR)
  7. Ear, Nose and Throat doctor
  8. Anybody dive with a handheld radio?
  9. Dive Alert...
  10. Safety sausages...Still working??
  11. SAR Nav igation class for those who haven't had formal training*****
  12. White trash bags
  13. Stopping drift
  14. A SAR Navigation Quiz...OPEN BOOK!
  15. What if you ...Free flow..suffer a failed burst disk, lose an lp hose, Hp?
  16. DAN - Are you a member?
  17. The Buddy System?
  18. EPIRBs and PLBs
  19. Tell us about your SWB
  20. Lessons Learned - a SWB Story
  21. My experience with DCS
  22. DAN experiences
  23. VHF Radio For Dummies....
  24. bilge pumps questions....
  25. Oriskany accident Management Document
  26. My solution for ear infections from Diving
  27. This could save your life. SPOT
  28. Global Star Sat Phones... Junk?
  29. Over-hydration
  30. Nose bleeds on ascent (Scuba). How common is it?
  31. Rx meds and diving
  32. A little reminder
  33. Flashlight saves divers lives/ To float buoy or not float buoy? That is the question?
  34. Very cool device.
  35. Epirb Yes or NO
  36. Who wants some Search and Rescue information?
  37. Couple Survives 19 Hours Lost on Barrier Reef
  38. Ear issue!!!
  39. Safety Kit pouch from Armor
  40. Don't forget to drink plenty of H2O
  41. SWB Video
  42. Blood in mucus.
  43. depth canisters
  44. What is the safest way to land large fish?
  45. cold water headaches?
  46. 2 divers found dead
  47. instructor missing in forty fathom grotto
  48. Firing spearguns on land
  49. What do you use to make sure you come home?
  50. YMCA certifications no more
  51. Dive Flag Awareness Day, Jan 31st
  52. What do you guys think of the SPOT beacon?
  53. Ditch Kits/Bags Whats yours got?
  54. Limited Recall Notice - ACR GlobalFix iPRO EPIRB
  55. redundant air source/or spare air?
  56. McMurdo E5 SMARTFIND 406 MHz EPIRB
  57. McMurdo Fastfind 210 or ACR ResQfix?
  58. Story about fighting a fish, low air
  59. Shark attack info
  60. newbys vs gray suits
  61. Great book: Diver Down
  62. Blackout caught on tape!!!
  63. Is CDNN an anti-diving site?
  64. Non-powered shark deterrant?
  65. Epirb and waterproof cannister..next on the list...
  66. Near misses, close calls and other war stories
  67. Dive Safety Gear for Boat
  68. New freedive safety vest video
  69. DAN Safety Webinars
  70. can diving with injuries increase chance of getting hurt
  71. hearing lost - advice please!
  72. Terry Maas to hold Freedivers Recovery Vest presentation in Northern California
  73. Al40 of O2 blows up after being knocked over in garage.
  74. I got to play with the Freedive Recovery Vest
  75. Nautilus Lifeline
  76. Good read in today's paper
  77. First impressions of Freedivers Safety Vest
  78. MAKO Spearguns: Ditching Your “Tin Man Pinch Weights”
  79. Drowning
  80. Don't use a crappy stringer
  81. Man dies after scuba tank explosion
  82. Air Test Results
  83. My boat and I will be on the Travel Channel – Safety first --
  84. want o2 emergency kit
  86. PADI Diver Rescure Corse
  87. Not one left on the Boat
  88. learn something about ox-tox
  89. "Jack held his breath and then was gone"
  90. Safety Alert: Counterfei​t fire extinguish​ers
  91. Spearfishing alone rocks, multiple people, guidelines?
  92. Nautilus Lifeline Bricked
  93. Carry dive Alert Attached to Inflator Valve, or Not ?
  94. No More Narcosis?
  95. Safety Reminder
  96. Offshore Contingency Plans for my wife when the boat breaks down offshore
  97. Spear through the dudes HEAD!
  98. Sharky!