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Thread: Jolly Rogers 2012-What You Need To Know

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    Default Jolly Rogers 2012-What You Need To Know

    This should answer all your questions, but feel free to PM me if you have more...

    Jolly Rogers 2
    A 43' Torres with TWIN Detroit 692 diesels giving her a max 17 knot cruise when fully loaded for a commercial trip. Fully enclosed cabin, large dive platform, bunks, full kitchen, 3000# fish box capacity, private head w/shower, 200 plus gallons hot/cold fresh water available on deck/cabin/head, TV/DVD, AM/FM-CD player, and A/C available.

    The JR2 is equipped with 3 E bottles, and 2 M60 bottles of 100% O2. USCG response to the Middle Grounds is on average a couple of hours so your typical dive boat 1 or 2 E bottle oxygen supply will not cut it!! VHF radio (2), sideband radio, stallite radio, Class II 406 MHz EPIRB, self deploying life raft, high water/smoke alarms, and ample fire extinguishers.

    Trip Includes
    All meals are included. You are in charge of your own beverages, and in between meal snacks.

    The Jolly Rogers 2 is at the Gulfstream Marina, 7022 SW Hwy 358, Steinhatchee FL 32359.

    PM me with any questions. Thanks.....

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    Hey guys, if you have not been up to the Hatch you are missing the best overall spearfishing in the Gulf in my opinion. I spent the last 7 years of my commercial career shooting up there for one reason................tons of fish! It is not uncommon to see 30, 40, 50 or more Grouper on one spot in the late fall and early winter up there. The Mango's are thick as well and larger than you might expect to see in that shallow water. My favorite time up there is from November 15th to the end of December. The water is usually in the low to mid 70's and the vis is very good, usually 25 to 40 feet which is ideal shootin' vis IMO. The only thing you give up are the monster Hogs you typically see in the Grounds, but there are plenty of Hogs in the 3 to 7 lb range.

    Another great benefit of diving off the Hatch is you get incredible bottom time. If you are diving 36 mix, you can easily do 35 to 45 minute dives with one hour intervals. The Hatch is a great place to hone your spearfishing skills............shallow water with lots of bottom time, tons of fish, & lots of repetitions = tons of fun. The Hatch is also a great place to finallly get "off the leash" if you have been itchin' to give freeshaftin' a try.

    The JR11 has plenty of kick a$$ numbers up there and I assure you, it will be a trip of a lifetime. There were fish in that area all summer which is sort of abnormal because they usually head deeper during the summer months. From my experience, when the fish stay in there late into the summer, there are tons, & tons of fish up there once the glass minnows show up in late October. The glass minnows get so thick up there on the rock piles they sometimes block out the sunlight. However, the Grouper love those glass minnows and spend most of their time gourging themselves on the feast. From my experience, a big school of glass minnows = a huge school of Gags underneath just "wantin' to get shot"
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