Your chance to ensure your voice is heard is almost here! Mark your calendars to give public input to the Gulf Council on Wednesday, June 22.

Why do I need to speak up?

The sector separation advocates have outnumbered the recreational anglers at many of the recent meetings. These ‘advocates’ claim to represent the angler’s interests, and now Council members and the Florida FWC are beginning to believe that you want sector separation, too. If you oppose sector separation, show up and let your voice be heard.

Anglers are being told that our numbers a growing exponentially and are, “out of control”, but the 2014 Fisheries Economics of the US tells us that “Residents of a coastal county in the Gulf Region made up 91 percent of total anglers in 2014. Participation by coastal county anglers in 2014 decreased 17 percent compared with 2005 (3.1 million anglers) and decreased 12 percent from 2013 to 2014.” 2014 Fisheries Economics of the US, p. 153. Read the full report here.

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