We have been trying to contact someone on the lower East Coast of FL to run a short Captain's Meeting for this years "46th Southern Open" State Spearfishing Championship. We had a few people that were going to do this but their work schedules changed and they won't be able to do this.
The purpose of having this is so that one shooter from each boat can meet at the Capt. meeting and get last minute rule changes (there are always significant changes) and pick up tickets (if pre-registered) or register and then on the next day they can shoot in waters surrounding Florida but in thier home turf. Then they have to show up in St. Petersburg on Sunday at @11am to weigh-in.

I called Benji Bateman and he is trying to get the same setup as we had in St. Augustine last year. If anyone is interested in helping out with a Capt. meeting in the lower East Coast too (W. Palm, Lauderdale or Miami area) please contact me.
So, to make sure everyone is on the same page here, It would only take about two hours of your time on Friday June 19th and then those shooters can shoot the next day (saturday) in their own home Florida waters and then they come over to St. Pete for the weigh-in and awards on Sunday. Weigh-in starts at 11am on sunday.

This is the 46th State Championships and in trying to follow my predisessor's wishes, the last FSDA President (John Schmidt) I really want to make this a true STATE tourney. We want to welcome all Florida spearos and photographers to show their stuff. The more the better for the sport and since ALL the proceeds go back to divers rights the better for our whole diving community.
So, please call me, if anyone can help us out! Capt. Bill (727) 656-9714.