Hi all,
I know this should be posted on the trip planner forum, but it doesn't get much traffic, so i thought i would try here.

I'm just looking to join any other friendly spearfishermen on any outings.
I'm originally from florida, but i live in washington state, and i come to Florida almost every month or so to visit my elderly parents and other family. I really enjoy spearfishing, and the ocean in general, and I'm hoping to connect with other friendly spearfishermen around florida, so that I can meet some people and go out as often as a i can when I come to visit each month. I'm happy to share in expenses, and am an easy going, courteous, friendly person.
A bit about me... I teach character development and leadership while captaining sailing expeditions around the country. I also run a river rescue training school. Here's my business website, Elias Leadership and Rescue, colorado swiftwater rescue, expedition leadership, leadership development, team building, sailing expeditions, river rescue, sailing voyages, sailing adventure, swiftwater rescue, ACA swiftwater rescue, Washington Sailing,

I've been spearfishing for about 8 years, mostly in the keys, carribbean and hawaii. I spend a lot time in the ocean, and while I'm just an average spearfisherman, I'm very comfortable in all conditions in the ocean. Please let me know if I could join you on any spearing outings, anytime. I'll be in florida from the 20th to the 28th of december, and I am able to travel anywhere in the state, and i also have a kayak.
please let me know, i would really like to get out with some folks.
sammer elias