Glad that "Suck"Tember is OVER! That is term I heard my neighbor apply to our just exited month. I agree as I wait for my new roof thanks to Irma and new ceilings etc in the 2 rooms that sustained the significant water intrusion.....but I digress. I only got to dive 2x in "Suck"Tember, and that is No Bueno!

Fortunately 9/30 was calm and productive and better than 9/3.

First dive was in 44'. Viz vertically was maybe about 15 feet, horizontal about 10 foot. Was hearing on the radio there was better Viz North and had heard that from some friends as well on Friday.

We moved out to 50 foot and the Viz cleared up nicely. Vertical went to about 25 feet and horizontal about 18 feet. Plenty of nice size hogfish in the 14-17" class. Picked off a legal gag as well. Had seen one nice one earlier in the shorter viz, but couldn't react quick enough to aim and place an appropriate shot after the Nurse shark had scuttled him out.

Lot of bait in the water. Lot of big Moon Jellyfish in the water. So you will be kicking and bumping into them. Did not see any Lionfish in these depths, so that is good. Plenty of mangrove snapper around. Lot of Jack Crevalle and some Spanish Mackarel still around too. Picked off one of those for lunch today.

Looking forward to October being a good diving month, new roof, Horror flicks, and Candy!