Went out of Clearwater pass yesterday. It is still cold despite the top water reads. Very cold. First dive was in 34 foot. Comfortable 61 degrees there. 20 foot of Vert Viz, 15 of horizontal. Lot of big sheephead there so shot 3 of them and a hog. Second dive was in 50 foot. Went deeper looking for bigger hogs. Nabbed a nice one. Much colder. 56 degrees. 30' Vert Viz, 20' Horiz.
Went deeper. 65'. Uncomfortable cold. 54 degrees. Knew after I shot 3rd nice male I was headed up for a warm shower and cold beer! Lot of gags. ARS were plentiful and holing up under the ledge. Weird. Didn't see any other predators except me. Perhaps the cold? Particulate in water. 40' Vert viz, 30' Horiz. Saw gags on each dive. More plentiful out deep. ARS I only saw on deeper dive.

Thermocline is around 20'