Made it back out Sunday 2/25/18 out of Clearwater Pass. Went SW and stayed shallow based off some of the reports I was reading, plus I wanted to stay in the warmer water. First dive picked up 4 nice male hogfish in 30 foot of water. Viz was about 20 foot. Temp 67 degrees. Comfy in my 2 mil suit. There were some nice gags around too. Slid out another mile same depth and temp and ran into some gags that were......disturbing. That is the best word for it I guess. Big fish and a bunch of them. Disturbing big really. Some were legitimately in the 20# class, in 31 foot of water. Oh well, watched them swim. Closed out my Hog limit, picked off a few big Sheep for a friend, and a decent size mango.