Visibility was literally crystal clear. First dive in 55 foot of water we could see the bottom from the boat while on the surface. I shot a few fish then we moved out to 64'. Same viz. Picked off 18" Hog and nice 3 # mango. Hit a hump in 61' and got a 31" gag and closed out limit on nice male hogs. Was some gumbo. Not a ton.

We then moved in to 49-44 foot. Could see the barges for the renourishment project. Viz "deteriorated" to 25-30 foot. We ended up with 2 gags and 15 hogs for the 3 divers. Few mangos. Lion fish.

Really great day! Calm, fun, great viz. Saw big shark come cruising under me to hunt ledge in crystal clear water, turtles, huge prehistoric looking nurse that had to be pushing 8'.