By way of a shout out. I've been scuba spearfishing for well over a decade, but always wanted to get into the freedive version which appeals more to my athletic/ competitive nature, and would give me an opportunity for different fish species, as well as potentially bigger fish. I wanted to get trained before jumping into it and chance making mistakes, or getting into bad habits.

I live in Va Beach, but often travel to scuba in NC for the better visibility. I was particularly happy to find George Frazier who recently started BeyondFreediving in Beaufort, NC. He's an AIDA instructor, which being a Brit I'm familiar with, but many in the US less so. AIDA are the governing body for the sport of freediving, and training is widespread across Europe and other parts of the world. Not saying PFI and FII aren't equally good, and very likely they train the exact same way with a similar course syllabus.

Last week I attended and completed the AIDA 2* class with George on a one-on-one basis. Terrific training, and superb instructor with years of experience in and on the water around many parts of the globe. He also runs spearing trips with his own boat.

If you're in his neighborhood, or looking to travel, check him out - you won't be sorry! North Carolina Beyond Freediving | Freediving Beaufort | United States Freediving