I'm flying down to Cabo San Lucas/ Los Cabos with a couple of friends in early October and will be staying at a rented house in Los Barriles. We will have a couple of spear guns (both Cressi Comanche 60s) and one Mako 3 piece travel pole spear. We will also have a truck to get around. I have some questions about where some of the best places to go in that area are. I have been once before, and last time I was there, we stayed in Cabo Pulmo. We drove a few minutes south and hung out just outside the Marine Preserve in Las Frailles area. We had some luck with Gafftop Sail Pompano(delicious), but didn't see much else. Are there other good areas on the "East Cape" that we should check out? Has anyone been just outside of Cabo Pulmo on the northside? I've seen some other posts on here about the Sea of Cortez side of Mexico, but am hoping to hear some more info. Also, is Lobster still forbidden in all of mexico? Any other edible creatures that we can look for in the sea? Conch? Stone Crab?

Also, can anyone recommend an outfit to take our group out fishing? (Rod and Reel or Spear) Is the "deep sea" fishing worth it down there during that time of year?

As for the Cressi Comanche 60s, I know that they are small, weak spear guns, but I bought it for a few reasons. So far, they have worked great on reefs in St. Thomas, Belize and Mexico, but there are definitely some fish that have been just too far away in the open areas.
-I live in Steamboat Springs, CO. and it was a cheap option. It's hard to justify a $500 gun that I would only be able to use 8-10 days/year. and needed something that I could check in a bag/backpack without getting blasted for oversized baggage. If anyone knows of better guns that are less than 50-60 inches total length (maximum total dimensions for checking baggage on most airlines), let me know as I would love to hear about it.

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