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Thread: Is Your Shaft Bent??

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    Default Is Your Shaft Bent??

    Last week I took a half dozen bent shafts with tips at dull as pool cues to Spearcrafters, and week later picked up those same shafts perfectly straight with new floppers and sharpened tips. Every spearo has a pile of bent shafts leaning in the corner of the garage that "one day" you'll do something with. Spearcrafters does refurbishment of all makes and lengths of shafts, and for around half the price of a new one you'll get yours back is virtually brand new condition. Check out their site www.spearcrafters.com or hit up Rich Taylor her on SFP. His screen name here is richt. By the way I am not affiliated in any way with Spearcrafters.....just a very satisfied customer.
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