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Thread: Fishing on Molokai?

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    Default Fishing on Molokai?

    Hey there. My name is Chuck, and I'm going to be taking a trip to Hawaii this May, and plan on being on both Maui, and Molokai. I'm planning on backpacking/camping all over the islands, and hopefully eating primarily food that I either gather from the wild, or catch in the ocean. I'm a complete noob to spearfishing, but I was thinking that it would be a great way for me to catch what I need.

    I'm wondering if there is anyone who might live on Molokai, or perhaps on Maui, who'd be willing to maybe go out and show me what I need to know while I'm there. basic tips and techniques would be great, as well as suggestions for gear. I don't even own a snorkel at this point, but I plan on getting my hands on one once I get there.

    thanks in advance!

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    Welcome to the planet. I had the same Idea when i moved to the keys, unfortunatly i found it easier to get my food at publix

    Im moving this thread as it will likely be seen better inthe Hawaii section
    Chris Grauer- "To protect, promote, and grow the sport of spearfishing" www.spearfishingplanet.com

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