I was supposed to do two days offshore this past weekend, but the weather didn't cooperate. The wind was blowing from the East for a couple of days which is unusual. Saturday got trashed and all the boats who went out only went to the inshore wrecks. Our normal 20kts was down to 15. We hit the Suloide and the Indra, but had great vis! That E wind pushed in some nice blue water. I got a few grouper off the Suloide using some dive bomb techniques that Dennis taught me a few years ago. I picked up a tog and some spanish off the Indra which was kind of fun.

On Sunday the seas were calm enough to go offshore and it was great. Despite hearing some reports of ripping current, when we got to the site, it was 'boat over bubbles'. I saw some huge gags, but only managed to land a fat scamp. On my second drop I forgot my spare spear, and snapped the shooting line of my main, so my dive was done with just one grouper on the stringer. 50' of vis and water was 79 on the bottom. Yet I still managed to get cold with a ridiculous amount of deco.

Good news: no fricking sharks- well, one small sand tiger offshore. After the past two weekends getting a stringer stolen while I wasn't looking to getting bum rushed by a dozen sand tigers over a fricking mackeral, I was glad that Mr Toothy was playing somewhere else. Which apparently is the Papoose. I heard there's an encyclopedia page of sharks on it now.