I'm a beginner in the sport. I maybe have 15
or so outings under my belt and am now forced to spear freshwater....I would like to upgrade from my cheap aluminum pole spear to a high end one. I'm a machinist so rather than purchase one I would like to build a dream spear myself. Since I'm a newb I don't really know what a high end spear should be I was hoping you all could help. I just want a fun project. Here is what I have in mind so far:

First and foremost it has to be a breakdown spear. I want to travel with it eventually so I can spear in some clear ocean water again. I planned on making a 3 piece about 7.5' long (not including tip). Is that too long, too short, or ok? I came to that number because working with three equal lengths of 2.5' seems logical to me. I guess I could go with 3' sections or 2' sections. What do you suggest? The lakes I spear have limited visibility (5-10 max). Maybe I'll just make a fourth section I can add for clearer water?

The pole material is going to be carbon fiber. All of it. Well it will be a carbon Kevlar blend so I can use the black and blue weave...because why not? I plan to connect it with threaded titanium inserts that will obviously be epoxied in. No rusting. One thing I was wondering is if you guys know of a trick to keeping the sections from loosening up? Do people use rubber washers or something to provide tension on the threads so they don't come loose? I'm open to ideas. I just know the spear I have comes loose all the freakin time. A friend of mine has a 5/8" diameter pole made of carbon and it seems strong and surprisingly light but when I read about other pole spears they seem to be 1/2"??? What do you guys think about the diameter of it? I don't want to deal with a tapered shaft like I know a lot of high end spears are. Either 1/2" or 5/8"?

The tip will also be titanium. Strong, light, won't corrode. I have never shot a fish over 5lbs (although I really want to). I currently have a slip tip because I was feeling ambitious but now I'm leaning more towards an aggressive stiff 3 prong with knurled ends and some serious barbs machined into them. Bad idea? If I do a slip tip instead is there a design you think is far superior that I should mimic?

While speaking of tips, what is the most common thread I should use so I don't have to be using adapters that can also come loose?

Any recommendations on a band to use or just a specific material to use for my band that is higher end? Is there an ideal length of band to use or a formula of pole length to band length I should use?

I am considering making a fitting at the back to attach a float line to. Perhaps just extend the back fitting past where the band attaches with another hole so the line can attach. Any recommendations on that? Bad idea?

Any other cool features you've always admired or wanted to see on a pole spear? Thanks for the input!