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Thread: Groups trying to sue NEBRASKA over immigration laws!

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    Default Groups trying to sue NEBRASKA over immigration laws!


    Good luck with that you un-American bastards! We don't want or need you here if you're gonna be here illegally. GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN -

    The country of South Africa has problems with ILLEGAL immigration too. But they're mostly from Zimbabwe - Essentially they are the same race - Black Africans - BUT.... When a South African finds out you are from Zimbabwe and there working or living illegally you better run or else a mob of machete' weilding South Africans will pay you a visit - And you end up staying in South Africa forever...AS PART OF THE SOIL! Since the government did nothing to stop it the people eventually did.

    It's the NATURAL evolution of things - Our government better get the message and take action soon!

    Time passes and you begin to see, people for who they really are, not who they pretend to be - Unknown

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    Amazing that they can even file a lawsuit about that! If there wasn't 12-20 million here illegally then the rest wouldn't have to prove their legal but you never hear them complain about THOSE people. Don't like it--leave.
    Florida Freeshafter

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