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Thread: Scuba World Record Association Info---Please Read

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    Default Scuba World Record Association Info---Please Read

    To all of those who do not know me or are unfamiliar with what we are trying to develop, let me fill you in!

    My name is Abbie Eubanks, I have been spearfishing for over 12 years now in the GOM off the Louisiana coast along with other remote destinations. After recently researching womens scuba world records, I was baffled that no such organization (i.e. IUSA, IBSRC, etc.) for scuba exists. After much research and brainstorming, I decided to form such an organization for current scuba spearfishers and future generations to come. As you should know, this is not an easy undertaking, therefore your help is essential. A board of directors is currently being formed, which anyone can apply to be a board member and it is encouraged. You can find an attached application.

    I think the International Underwater Spearfishing Association, IBRSC, South African Freediving Association and other organizations that retain spearfishing records have done a great job, but for the freediving community. My goal is to have a similar organization but solely for fish taken by scuba. Rules and regulations for records will be set along with a plan for record fish taken before the organizations existence.

    The Board of Directors is my number one priority at the moment. My goal is to have a broad, diverse board that can bring a fresh outlook to the scuba spearfishing community. I hope to establish international representatives as well as create a general membership to help further scuba diving and spearfishing. I have had many submissions from potential, qualified applicants thus far. Thank you to those of you that have or plan to apply. Applications must be submitted by Oct. 20th. (If you are just seeing this for the first time, sorry you didn't have more notice but it only takes a few minutes.)

    Attached is a drafted mission statement of the organization along with nomination and application forms and requirements of board members.

    Please feel free to email me or call me with any questions. Helpful advice and resources are appreciated and please pass on to others who may not know.

    Thank you,
    Abbie Eubanks

    ***To whom it may concern: YES I am a woman and YES i am from Louisiana, and if you have a problem with that or you overlook my efforts based on those facts than shame on you and please keep your opinions to yourself. This is going to happen, period. So please accept it if you dont like it or help in any way you can if you agree this is a great thing!
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