Bought a new Furuno GP33 GPS unit, 2 reasons: Fits small space I had and holds 10,000 waypoints. HOWEVER, does not have built in connection for PC NOR does it have SD card or other memory slots (Bummer)

This is why we have the Planet and Facebook won't do it

If I accumulate 10,000 WP, not going to record everyone by hand and don't want to upload all my spots by hand either. So researched and there is not much information for connection to PC even though it is advertised in GP33 information. Called Furuno Tech Support several times and they just read me the manual, duh! So, researched it and worked it out, with help from Carl Andren.
Problems: what port on GP33 do you connect to: Furuno was able to answer that and give me cable NEMA 183 part # But how to, they were fuzzy and did think they heard you could use Sea Marks. I lit up at that, since I have used Andren software forever. So Here's how and now it should show up for some other sad soul trying to figure this out, so they don't have to waste many weeks.

I talked to Carl Andren and figured it out, thanks.
Cable: Ordered Furuno NMEA 0183 Cable 10P f/GP33 + Top-Longer USB 2.0 to RS232 DB9 Serial Male Converter Adapter Cable with PL2303 Chipset + YCS Basics Black 6 Foot DB9 9 Pin Serial / RS232 Male / Female Extension Cable all from Amazon. The serial to USB comes with drivers on CD connected no problem Cut the extension cable and used the included gender bender so I could screw the two cables together for secure connection. (could use other end too if you wish) YCS Cable Pin 1 wire is tan, connect to Furuno yellow wire Pin 2 is Red connect to green Furuno and pin 5 is yellow connect to Furuno blue wire. Wires are thin, so use bend over type connection instead of twisting together. Shrink warp firmly with several layers to make solid connection. Connect to PC and GP33 through USB and NEMA 183 (use VOM to make sure pin configuration is correct)

Open file in Sea Marks you want transfer in Andre's Sea Marks--work with it to make sure it is what you want to upload to GP33. If GP33 is installed in boat, great, use laptop PC (that's what I did) and connect PC to GP33 using the correct ends of the cable you made.

Turn on GP33 go to I/O setup and I changed the first and 2nd fields to GPS, not sure necessary but it worked. On PC right click computer and then properties then device manager and click com ports to see what port the USB/serial is connected through.

In Seamarks, tools->upload/download->Furuno.GP33 then another screen will come up. Click "set" at com port, change com number to what was discovered above, and configure as the GP33 screen you have up tells you, rate, off/on etc.

Next go dcown to download from PC in the GP33 screen and enter, then over to yes and ent and it will say downloading...

Then click "upload GPS files (or something like it) in SeaMark - next to last box on bottom right. Then wait, it will take a looong time. The PC program will advance boxes slowly until it is finished and wait a little to be sure and then click the exit box and the GP33 will tell you it was successful.

Then go to waypoints and see if your waypoints are there. May take a few times to get the sequence right.

Wish I could have found this information before -- from someone that has done the procedure. Oh Well it is now hopefully searchable- MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone :cool

IMPORTANT: If you have waypoints in your GP33 you want to keep, first open Sea Marks and bring up blank new page and then use procedurfe above BUT go from Left to right in boxes at the bottom after I/O setup transfer to PC instead of PC to GP33 WHEN YOU UPLOAD FROM PC, IT WILL ERASE ALL GP33 WAYPOINTS< EVEN IF IS NOT SUCCESSFUL IN IMPORTING.